Book review: Tender is the night- Scott Fitzgerald

F.S.Fitzgerald- Tender is the night book review

The Parasite (2019)-Oscar winning movie -Personal thoughts.

A good way to have fun and not to spend too much is quality entertainment.So today I talk about a great movie that I saw,Parasite. Here is the trailer if you havent seen it to get a grip on what it looks like. Parasite is a movie that won the Oscar for Best Movie,Best … Continue reading The Parasite (2019)-Oscar winning movie -Personal thoughts.

How I work from home and get things done (without losing my mind)

So you’re working from home for reasons we don’t need to keep talking about.  I got your back.  I’ve worked from home for 75% of my career.  When I’m not out shopping with clients, I’ve run this business from a tiny desk in my equally small NYC studio apartment that I share with my wife. … Continue reading How I work from home and get things done (without losing my mind)

Picture of the Day The Most Important Rule of Investing: Only Invest What You Can Afford To Lose If you always remember the “never invest money that you can’t afford to lose” rule and never violate it, you shouldn’t have to worry about eating cat food during your retirement or if something potentially catastrophic occurs like job loss … Continue reading Picture of the Day