David Approved Products Of The Week

 Fat Gripz 

If you want big and muscular Popeye-sized forearms, add these Fat Gripz to your dumbbells and barbells

Starting Strength- Mark Rippatoe

Single best book on strength training that I’ve read. ‘This training method has been the greatest source of general well being I’ve come across in my life’ –

Caliwhite toothpaste

If you’re teeth are stained and yellow, this charcoal toothpaste works wonders

Symbolic 1 dollar donation to keep this website running!

Keeping the lights on this website is rather expensive...Care to offer 1 dollar?


Crest whitening strips

These whitening strips are also super effective at whitening teeth

Your next keyboard is here!

This mechanical keyboard is an absolute delight to type on. Clickety Clack!

Best Yoga mat

Get yourself a yoga mat and do some yoga! Not only is it great exercise, but it its great for reducing stress and anxiety….something we all need in these turbulent times. Plenty of videos online that will take your through downward dog and savasana.

Best electric kettle

If you drink coffee or tea, an electric kettle will make your life so much easier. It boils water so much quicker, shuts off automatically, and can be placed anywhere around the house.


This AirFort is the perfect gift for your kids during the coronavirus pandemic

This will keep them occupied!

Rice cooker

I had no idea it could be so easy to cook perfectly fluffy rice

I love Japanese mayonnaise. Like, have it every day, LOVE it. Best mayonnaise on the planet

If you want to use this free time for Youtube ….

This is what you need…

Sony α6400

Let me know what products you think are the best for you!

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