10 Things I Buy As A Financial Minimalist

Hello and good to see you here!

My name is David and I am writing here as a financial minimalist, which is a conscious choice that I took and one that allowed me to live a better life and the improve the quality of my relationships with others as well.

Today I want to talk about what are the things that I did that allowed me to have cash, food supplies and the health needed in these times of crisis.

These are also good things to keep in mind during normal periods of time as well, and I truly think that you are not going to be bored with another list of

-“You enjoy X? Too expensive..Cut it you …Eat only rice and beans to have more money at the end of the month”.

-Which is a common theme among others that offer advice regarding financial behavior.

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So,let us start with ……

× Bike membership

I know that this might not seem like a good piece of advice, but hear me out….

As you know(and if you want more information about commuting in a crowded city you can FIND OUT more HERE ) I use a bike, (among others means of transportation) to get to work and this move allows me to have a good cardiovascular health, good endurance and the mental advantage when I run past people swearing in a congested city, mindlessly moving 5 m to stop again ,waiting and dreading the next 8 hours.

Since commuting is such an important subject , I think that we must take some practical steps to improve our time with it, and , as this crisis shows us,consider WORKING REMOTE .

Now ,back to the bike – It may not appear an obvious choice ,because you can same some money just taking care of the bike on your own, but I recommend that you take a bike membership in order to have that mental note to take care of your bike and to get a professional, at least at the beginning.

For me , this was quite a hard step, because I am a man’s man ,and I think that I should do it.Nevertheless, working with a professional to take care of my bike showed me that there are quite a lot of details that I overlooked and that should be properly set.

For example, I would swing the bike from one side to another while pedaling in order to get a higher speed and later on ,after a few weeks of doing this, I would get knee pains. I simply could not wrap my head around what exactly caused it. I would think that going to the gym (as a good hobby, it still needs exposure the proper technique as well ) and not warming up was the culprit, or that social dancing (another great hobby ,and I go into further details here ) was the culprit.

The cause was the proper FORM applied while using the bike.

This is why I needed to improve my knowledge about this subject, and this is why ,after a few books read , I can recommend you this:

The Cyclist’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide

Dancing Through History

These books have helped me IMMENSELY , and I truly think that would do wonders for and reader of my website.

× Invest a little bit about your appearance

On my journey of financial freedom , I wanted to get my expenses to a minimum…Also, having a hairdresser mom allowed me access to the tools, and this is the reason why I would cut my own hair.

This is also the reason why I would not recommend that you apply the advice on the internet without proper inspection of how exactly it would apply to your own life, because this piece of advice is passed around like we are all struggling college students, which is certainly not the case.

This tip is not directly financial, but will allow you to have better relationships and better connections=>more money.

This is a DRASTIC piece of advice , that should be taken just like the tip from above ,with proper care ,and ,at first at least , consult a professional. For me , I would go for REAL MEN REAL STYLE, Antonio is a truly expert in his field and I think that what he teaches should be taught in school.

× Invest a Water filter

A little bit of background information – I currently reside in Bucharest and I work for an American corporation( a multinational firm) ,which is a leader in civil engineering ,which is what I do besides offering information here for my subscribers (and a little more through the newsletter to those who use the e-mail newsletter )

I can be contacted at eng.david.mead@gmail.com

Contact links
David Mead 

Freelancer for Structural/Civil Engineering projects 
Upwork - Click HERE 
You can see my projects on youtube or on my Google Drive account
Google Drive 

Getting back to my water filter description, I must confess that I was expecting that I would get clean water as a RIGHT, and that water would be clear and clean.

Boy, I was mistaken…

I mean, do not get me wrong ,the water in Bucharest is drinkable (is that a word? ) …But after installing a water filter at the suggestion of my American colleagues I was able to get a clear picture of how wrong I was…

The basic idea is that,even though the water might appear clean, you can still filter it, and after taking a LEAP of faith,installing a water filter and seeing the state of the filter after a period of time, you are going to come here and THANK me for saving your life, cuz that shit is nasty only after ONE month of use, or even less.

I know , you live in a civilised country, you do not have this kind of problems-

Do not be mistaken,

– and the FLINT situation definitely should stir you to be more aware of the quality of water that you get-

you NEED a water filter.

As always, I leave a few suggestions ,and I hope that you will follow my advice:

Water filter -Top picks!-Amazon!

× Plan for a better retirement-401k for example.

This is also a piece of advice that you probably heard of ,yet do not have a visceral understanding of how it would impact your life.

Let me share MY STORY

In Romania,where I am a citizen ,we started implementing a private pension fund, because the number of retired people would GREATLY outnumber the number of working citizen. For example, for the capital alone, there are 3 retired people that rely on ONE employee. And the numbers from the European Union show that after the Baby-Boomers would retire there would be a SURGE of them, and as a government we rely on loans to make those pensions that they get monthly .

Now, imagine that you are just starting out and you have only one year of the PRIVATE pension payments made, and then the government adds a new law, so that ,to get the construction domain working better ,the money that you supposed to direct to the private pension would be received by the employee and that is all.

It sounds like -Yey,more money ,let us have a ball!

That is the attitude of my fellow engineers.

But ,thinking ahead, I believe that we must have CONSCIOUS control of own life, and especially of own elderly part of life , and that I should start putting more money for my retiring from now.

This is why I love the 401(k) that my employer allows me to have ,besides the one that I mentioned above , and they match my monthly contribution.

× Always keep learning

I think that we should always be learning, but not as a chore ,but rather as a mean to grow and earn better money and to have access to better opportunities.

I will offer a direct example from my life -Learning to design in AUTODESK CIVIL 3D allowed me to get this job offer from this American Multinational company, and for privacy reasons I will not share the name, but the reason for which I,and not my colleagues have this job is because I did learn, in my own free time and at my pace, what I needed to be able to offer more as a design engineer for civil and structural projects.

This is why I recommend


× Education is worth your money

× Faster internet (If you’re doing online work)

Working with clients from all over the world , what helped me do my work and to learn as well was the speed of my internet connection.

Do not be cheap on this.

And use a VPN if you are using torrents ,or you will be fined! And those fines are certainly not cheap!

× Using rack to dry clothes

× Packing food

The people all over the world are simply taking everything from the shelves.I think that we should be prepared , and this is why I suggest to have some big deposits of staples like RICE ,Cereals ,Beans, a.s.o.

× Spend money on something to retain or make you more money (Hobby)

I wrote a lot about hobbies that I took an interest in , and what makes me enjoy life as a millennial with free time on his hands. Please search hobbies in my search area on top and you will receive a lot of free info ,just for you!

× Don’t buy too cheap clothes (Quality > quantity)

× Wear simple clothing (Lasts you longer)

Simple as that.

We are too poor to buy cheap clothes.

So ,what do you guys think about my article? What did you enjoy?

Let me know down below, I respond to each comment !

Thank you and let’s meet again soon by bookmarking this website and share this list with your friends and family!

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!
Contact links
David Mead 

Freelancer for Structural/Civil Engineering projects 
Upwork - Click HERE 
You can see my projects on youtube or on my Google Drive account
Google Drive 

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