15 Products That You Will Only Need To Buy Once In Your Lifetime

Duralex Glasses 

Almost unbreakable tumblers that are a design classic.

We got a set when we got married 27 years ago. They are touted as being virtually unbreakable, and this is a perfect description. I believe we’ve replaced 2 of the 18 glasses in that time, and no other glasses have gone the distance with us. They are clear drinking glasses, but can also be used in the freezer or for hot tea. They are probably microwave friendly, but I’m not sure since we don’t have a microwave.

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Lupine Dog Collar And Leashes

They have a 100% guarantee, even if your dog chews through it, they’ll replace it. There’s even a way to just take a picture of the damaged item and then they ship a new one to you for free. Also made in New Hampshire if that matters to you at all.

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Robot Coupe Food Processor 

Nothing even comes close to a Robot Coupe! They are damn near bulletproof but very expensive

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Seiko Watches – Japanese watch companySeiko has a very rich history for making quality timepieces

My Seiko is the only watch I haven’t killed yet. It cost roughly half what the others have. No frills but still looks professional. I opted for a fabric NATO band as I am hairy. Survived lots of metal working, exercise, swimming and general idiocy.

For more info,click here!

Selvedge Denim

‘Selvedge’ denim is studier because the weft thread loops back every row meaning even if you do get a tear, those threads are anchored better than regular denim

Davek Umbrella


If your umbrella should fail to function properly at any time for any reason whatsoever, they will gladly replace it for free. Forever. LOSS PROTECTION: If you lose your umbrella, you can use a unique serial number to redeem a replacement umbrella at up to 50% off the regular retail price.

Flowfold Wallet 

– Lifetime guaranty. Front pocket wallet made out of high tech sail cloth. Built to last.

Let me know down below what you think is great for you!

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