Tips to learn more in this lockdown!

Firstly, I want to welcome you back to my website.I do not know about you,but I was working on animating a few of my structural projects that I made over the last 2 years ( using Tekla Structures from Timble, an American company or Advanced Steel,from Autodesk ) and uploading the videos in which I showcase the projects ,and you can see some of the projects on youtube,take a look at this for example.

As a bit of a backround tour – I am a Civil Engineer,working for an American multinational firm,currently working from European Union,and I do international projects with my private firm ,and as a freelancer.

You can find me here

Contact links
David Mead 

Freelancer for Structural/Civil Engineering projects 
Upwork - Click HERE 
You can see my projects on youtube or on my Google Drive account
Google Drive 

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!

And I stumbled in my break over an interesting article from a fellow blogger and financial betterment enthusiast,on his website,called a list of ways on how to better expand your knowledge. I highly recommend his website and I do hope that he will publish more quality articles like that .

I think that this is a great idea for a blog post,especially when you factor in the fact that the average man does not retain a lot from his intellectual adventures with e-books/paperback books/audiobooks/ podcasts and so on …And I do believe that we can do a lot to improve the our intellectual performance .

But first,let me remind you the presence of the buttons to LIKE,SHARE and Subscribe to my website,whether with WordPress or email, so that you are always notified when I post something new!

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!

A few pointers for maximum results

I must remind you the importance of proper rest ,proper nutrition and the importance of the art of meditation,which will bring a whole new light over the quality of your life.

I also offered more pointers of what you can do to get the most of this lockdown period in THIS ARTICLE called 18 THINGS TO DO AT HOME.

I strongly suggest you check it out.

What about you?What are the tips and tricks that you are willing to share with the world?

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