Recently, I rediscovered The Big Bang Theory on Netflix and started watching it again. So I thought I’d write a little text about why you should watch this fantastic series

The most powerful asset of the series is the situation, dialogue or character comic. The Big Bang Theory is created by the all-powerful Chuck Lorre, the genius behind the mega-hit sitcoms Two and a Half Men, Dharma & Greg or The Kominsky Method. They all have a common core, that is, the humor is very well made, the characters who become very nice to you and you almost instantly empathize with.

The characters

In The Big Bang Theory we find 4 mega-nuggets or better scientists, all with a high IQ, on Penny, one of the most attractive blondes that has appeared on small screens. Later we get acquainted with other characters, each with their own funny personality.

But they all pale in front of Sheldon, an incredibly well-written character. And that’s only half the formula, because the other half is Jim Parsons’ unparalleled and formidable performance. It’s the kind of actorial interpretation where you instantly realize that there should never be a remake. Sheldon Cooper is a stellar creation.

Once you get to know the characters, it’s hard to break away from them and their adventures. At least I started to empathize with the whole distribution and all I could think about was that I would give anything to stay with them in bulk and make friends with Raj, Howard, Leonard and Sheldon.

The color schemes

Another element I find in Chuck Lorre’s sitcoms like this is the reason for the color. The colors in the series, as well as in Two and a half men, are such that they emphasize the well-being that the script already gives you. It is full of saturated and contrasting colors such as turquoise, orange, green, red, blue and so on. In English the term is called eye-candy, and if you can barely analyze a frame, you will discover that it is made of Skittles. The power of the visual is very strong here and for this the chromatic art of the serial must be appreciated.

That being said, I’m enjoying this fantastic series a second time and I think I could watch it a couple more times and not be saturated. He always blesses me and I love him the most.

What about you?

Is there anything else that you love regarding entertainment?

What are your guilty pleasures, regarding entertainment ?

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