The best travel destinations in 2020

After making the top 10 most popular cities to see in 2020 – the ones at Lonely Planet made a top that included the best travel destinations for the current year. So I invite you to a journey through these wonderful places. The top destinations for 2020 were made according to the nominations of publishers, locals and influencers.

In the first place was the “special piece from the Himalayan paradise” that is Bhutan(SEE THEIR GUIDE HERE). Bhutan is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. It is a small kingdom, located between India and China, on the southern slope of the Himalayas.

After the king introduced the notion of “gross national happiness” in 1972, all public policies adopted by the small Asian monarchy are evaluated by a special commission of happiness. The government actually measures the level of happiness of the population using a method called “gross national happiness” or GNH. They are not perfect in providing all the citizens need, but the fact that they are interested in the state of the population offers a different level of comfort than other governments.

While England (THEIR TRAVEL GUIDE IS HERE) is the second favorite, Lonely Planet publishers note it as a “timeless treasure” destination, such as castles and historic cathedrals. England offers to its visitors “10 national parks and 34 areas of rare beauty, not to mention one of the longest coastlines in Europe. If travelers are looking for an extremely pleasant beauty in 2020, England will not be disappointed. ” In third place is North Macedonia followed by Aruba, , Costa Rica, Holland, Liberia, Morocco and Uruguay.

Top 10 regions to explore in 2020

Central Asian Silk Road (Silk Road)
The Marche, Italy
Tohocu, Japan
Maine, USA
Lord Howe Island, Australia
Guizhou Province, China
Province of Cadiz, Spain
The North East part of Argentina
Kvarner Bay, Croatia
The Brazilian Amazon

Let me know what exciting destinations do you intend to see in this new year!

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