David’s Products for life- Buy them once ,use them forever

Since I started reading, publishing and offering even more info about financial-minimalism , I always got asked about which products I use and I recommend to other like-minded people.

Since you are here, I offer you these products :

1.Darn Tough Socks

They famously have a no questions asked lifetime guarantee. Wash and return the socks to them and they’ll replace them free of charge.
I wear their boot socks for fifty+ hours a week at my job where I am on my feet the entire time on job sites and these are the only socks that haven’t disintegrated on me

2.Osprety Atmos

– All of Osprey has lifetime warranties, they stand by their products and they are super well designed and this one is built not to need that warranty. It’s truly buy it for life.
Osprey – “All Mighty Guarantee” will repair any damage or replace if repair isn’t possible, regardless of the cause. They will also mail you replacement parts such as buckles if you’d rather repair it yourself.


This device allows you to put in the ingredients ,program it and have warm meal when you want it (when you wake up or when you get home from work).Highly recommend!

I have been using one for over 3 years and my eating out expenses are very intentional and small now !

Great!You’re in!

What do you think?

Do you know even a better product?

Let me know down below!

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