If you want to have fun, you do not need a lot of money, and this article is made especially to show you just that .

So, let us start:





If you like to relax ,to unwind and to enjoy nature without without big and tiring psychical movements, you should try fishing .


If you feel a little more adventurous, why not prepare your sandwiches,take your S.O and enjoy a new location, on your terms. So, what’s something nice to see close by that you always wanted to see ,yet you always postponed?

3. Urban exploring

I have touched briefly this on another article, and if you feel you want to see even more ideas to enjoy your free time, check this article about psychical hobbies.

4. Gardning

I always believed that we should all start to eat healthier, but if you have just a little bit of soil,why not start a few plants or flowers? The feeling of fulfilment that you get when you get back from work and you see those flowers that have blossomed is otherworldly. And you can always see more into it- I recommend the last movie of Peter Seller- Being There ,for a lazy evening .You will be pleasantly surprised by this movie, and I am sure that you will approach gardening differently.

5. Guerrilla gardening:  

Think gardening can’t be an extreme sport? It can’t get your heart pumping? You’re probably right – but guerrilla gardening is still pretty cool. The idea is to plant vegetables in public spaces in your community so that people can see how easy and fun it is to become less reliant on the supermarket.

6. Urban fruit picking: 

Talking about guerrilla gardening…. Find fruit in your community that is going to waste – but make sure you don’t steal anyone’s produce! The idea is to find fruit trees in public spaces that aren’t maintained.Google to find out more about this.

7. Find free food in the country side

Learn what to look for, how to find mushrooms that are good to eat and source all sorts of berries you can turn into beer. This is a good place to start. The top ten foods to forage are here.

8. Caving

You need to know what you’re doing here to stay safe. Team up with someone who’s done it before. Be prepared to find an amazing world you’d never know was there. Not for the claustrophobic


The feeling that you get after you do something physical is ineffable,yet I will give you a few ideas so you can experience it in a different way.

We can all agree that we should all be more active,so why not choose one of the hobbies from the list down-below and tell me what you consider a great hobby that should be added here.


Anew landscape, maybe a photographic device to immortalize the moment, and great workout….And then you reach the top,and you can finally stop and smell the roses,to enjoy life with a child’s enthusiasm again,surrounded by friends and loved ones….What is not to like?


As i mentioned in a different list of hobbies that I recommend you to check out,and you can find HERE, dancing is like learning a new language, a great challenge and a great way to interact with others,get rid of your social anxiety and build your self-esteem.More details can be found in the article linked above.


I ,for example,go to work with my bike, and the route involves a lot of cars that can barely start,move 2 meters,then stop(Yes, it’s that crowded) and ,on the left -Trams full of sweaty people,crowded,smelling each other ,especially in the summertime. I guess you can imagine how great it feels like speeding on my bike past them,through their jealous glances! So ,why not dust off your bike (if you do not own one yet, I strongly recommend one of these:

26 inch ,Columba,resilient and foldable

Smaller,20 inch,7 speeds

Both of them are great and I strongly suggest you to check them out!


Running has always been a passion of mine.It’s cheap,it’s social if you want it to be,it will test your limits,so you will never be bored,and it’s great for losing weight and looking and feeling better.

13.Be a tourist in your city

How well do know your city?

If the answer is quite strong on your part,might I suggest to act like a tourist for an afternoon and just stumble upon all the new and quirky shops that you might not have noticed before?

Start with a simple walk and see where life takes you!


It is often said that swimming is involving all the muscles in your body. Can you image something more amazing than this,not to mention the calm that you get from simply being there,present,one with the liquid? It’s physical meditation for me,and I hope that soon for you as well.

I know that it might not be cheap,yet I am confident in your ability of being …resourceful !:D

15. Snorkeling

All the gear you need can be bought for under $100.  It’s also amazing fun. You can make a spear out of an old broom handle and a bike innertube –And who knows what you can catch,even dinner?! 


If you’re near the ocean try to buy a cheap second hand board. According to those that do it, it’s hilariously fun. The board won’t cost you much and should last you many years. Like cycling, try not to fall into the upgrading trap – you don’t need a new wet suit every season or a new board just because you’re sick of your old one.


If you like treasure hunts, you’ll love geocaching …Just look for free aps on the Playstore/ Appstore and let the fun begin!


You can truly make a difference in the life of others by offering firstly time,then thought to their needs, yet the calm serendipity that feels your whole being when you realize that your actions have helped another human being are priceless.


This might be a no-brainer , yet I am sure that you can imagine how others will respond to you if you put a little bit of muscles on your body. It has a LOT of benefits that are simply overlooked or not sufficiently appreciated by the majority of people, not even by those who are going there . I will offer a few ideas about the subject in a future article,so stay tuned by smashing the subscribe button!



It is very hard to oversell this hobby,because it is really important in all areas of own life.

We have been preoccupied by words since the dawn of time, so being able to express yourself will drastically improve your relationships, your job prospects and your overall mental health,for example by keeping a journal.

21. Journal.

We all need a little more clarity in our life, and the best way for me to see from an exterior perspective ,to say what I truly mean and what will never be heard is by this amazing hobby.You don’t actually need a pen and paper, if you are thinking about privacy,


Talking about cheap hobbies that actually do something for you, we have to finish strong,because reading is an amazing hobby, Take a look at at the book of Tara Westover -Educated


Chess is life.

Bobby Fisher.

Maybe it truly is intelectual warfare,and with all those apps and websites dedicated to this,maybe we should give it a try and get bitten by the bug of the competition.


From the caves of our ancestors to the graphic designers of today, who will charge you for a simple logo, this is a great CREATIVE outlet and a good source of fun as well. I have in plan to write about this subject, so use the search engine to find out more,either directly here on or by searching

site: Graphics design/ drawing / whatever

Google this to get more results!

25. Language learning.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

Nelson Mandela

We are all communicating,yet sometimes words might even mean different things on different places,that is why you should consider learning a new language, because you are open to new recipes to enjoy life, to new cultures and new points of view.Plus,it is an amazing workout for your brain ,and you can talk and not be understood,which is always a great feeling .


In this day and age, information can be accessible though different environments. So ,rather than blasting the same songs in your car on your way to work, or in the subway, why not learn something?Podcasts are free ,are on a extremely large group of categories and you can always just enjoy the feeling of being pleasantly surprised by a new one,so give it a shot!

27.Educate yourself online

On the internet you have free courses from universities, for example

28.Educate yourself OFFline

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ”

― Alvin Toffler

You should always be learning, and the fact of the matter is that you always will,even if you intend to or not. So why not register for that university courses with flexible time, why not test if you like different working domains ,because only by taking LIFE by the collar you can feel it’s heart beating !You know that you always wanted to do something new and fun,and yet you always post-poned it..Now is your chance!

29.Start a blog

The internet is full of curious people,and they will always be interested in what you have to offer.So,Are you quite proficient in a certain subject? Do your friends always say that you are funny or “I haven’t thought of that” ?That shows that you are interesting , and this type of people always have a blog.Now, I want you to succeed and that is why I will offer you the best HOSTING site for you blog,because there are test that show that visitors will not wait for your website to load if your’s takes more that 2 seconds!!!!

That is why I will tell you that the BEST hosting site for you or anyone that likes to own a fast,reliable,smooth website with customer service ( you do not know how important is that right now,but you surely will if you choose another alternative like me) is……*drum rolls please** BLUEHOST!

I have a full blog category about blogging,so check that out when you have the time,but if there is anything that you want to remember,is that 2 second bounce limit for website visitors is truly bad ,and that Bluehost is THE solution.

Price -They always have offers, but usually the price per month is 6 dollars,and they are rock solid,reliable and everything that you need in order to have a great website.

30. Programming/other technology-driven hobby

This is very stimulating ,will get you more money than you can count if you are driven (Search for the developer of Flapping Bird for example) and will surely never get boring.

It is truly a magnific place to start having fun and give a workout for your brain, that is why I intend to write a more in-depth article about that, but I am not sure that this is the type of article for this blog. I got this idea when I saw an ex Google employee that was making up to 1000 dollars PER HOUR as a freelancer , just by being great at it. What do you guys think?

I read and answer each comment.


This is a great hobby because with a camera and a natural curiosity and minimum creativity, you can become great at expressing yourself, exploring the places around you and make some serious money if you are good at it .The resources / tutorials are free and all over the map, and you can start just with your smartphone .


If you like to play a detective, why not take a few moments one evening and draw your tree with your relatives, for example like now, when the winter holidays are just around the corner? This will bring you closer together , will offer you the chance to find out A LOT more information about your relatives and is a lot of fun as well.


This is taking the world by storm , just like as I said about Salsa and West coast swing ( you can find the article HERE ), but it is simply the mental equivalent for these dances,because it is simple to see the benefits,you get a strong mental clarity and ,to get a simple ,visceral understanding of this, imagine that the voice in your head just dims down the volume and life opens in front of you with a surprisingly BETTER resolution.

I will write more about this topic later on if you consider it relevant,so let me know down in the comments section.


Like any person that has been to college, I know what does it mean to be on a budget,yet I strongly believe that you can still enjoy life without breaking the bank.

That is why I compiled this list of SOCIAL hobbies that you can test if you want to feel great and have a great time!


Dancing is natural,is extremely fun and it involves interaction with the opposite sex,therefore what is not to like?! 

I mention LATIN dancing because it has taken the world by storm,and now I can,for example,go to a different country and have a conversation,with spikes (accents) and sentences…without saying a single word!

Latin dancing has started to become international through SALSA ,and now in clubs you always have a mix of SALSA , BACHATA AND KIZOMBA. I will write a more extensive article for each on this website, and you can find more about them by clicking on the links in the article:


Salsa demo from my favorite teacher!
Bachata sensual demo

Kizomba -Demo to a pop song -Ride it by Jay Sean


You might not know why I mentioned them as different hobbies,but each dance is somehow different ,has it’s unique taste,yet you can take patterns from one and put it in a different style and discover a new world!

West coast Swing dancing has it’s roots in Lindy Hop, and now it’s getting bigger and bigger each year!It is called „The dance of the dancers” and you can dance it to all the types of music -R&B,commercial ,Pop,….even latin music!

Here is a demonstration of the dance,with the same song,yet so amazingly IMPROVISED by Ben Morris

Ben Morris

Life goes on and you always say that you will do it when you ….

But it is important to have quality time with them,and if a TITAN in her field found out how important it is,maybe you should too!Watch this video and you will understand why I said that!

36.Deep dive in conversation with a (new ) person!

By this I mean to hold an actual conversation,one that involves more than greetings and commonalities, and you will surprised to have a visceral understanding of the fact that you do not really know a person not even 50 years of marriage,not to mention a random colleague.


Especially while taking a shower.

37. Sex

Always enjoyable, and what brought you to this very moment.


This might be a lot of fun especially if you already have a good group of friends,so you can use board games like CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY which is a great seller on amazon,just like this Harry Potter inspired QUIZ game.

*Affiliate link- You will not pay more, but you can support me if you buy it from that website!


Continuing to the idea of a group of friends, you can meet up regularly(let’s say once a month) and the cooking is shared.It is a great way to catch up, and it is a lot cheaper than than a restaurant.

40.Low-entry SPORTS

Whether you were a college superstar or not, exercise and social activities work best together,what is why a lot of guys give up to their New Year Resolution or their running hobby after ,because you want to be accountable in front of somebody , and see your progress,’ cuz you will receive feedback,don’t worry!

IDEAS– Soccer, volleyball in the summertime at the beach nearby, handball ,football, and so on.

41. Hosting board game nights: 

Rather than go out to watch a movie for $20, invite your friends back to your house, grab some home brew and play So cards or Risk. (An affiliate link – you won’t pay more, but will support my blog.)

To be more specific,THIS game has been killing it lately in my group of friends because Christmas is just around the corner !

And another game that all of my friends have been loving ,it is about how well you know America and you can find out more about here !

42.  Sign up to Freecycle: 

Another great online community based around swapping things in your local area.

Here are a few hobby suggestions that involve online activities:


I have offered a lot more info about this in another article about hobbies, so feel free to use the links on this website to find different lists for different kinds of hobbies that I have prepared for you.

Anyway,this will give you a lot of access to a new world ,with the great character of being international,a great creative outlet and a very good source of income if you excel in it.


You might think that these are really social,yet they will give you quite a lot of subjects to talk about with your friends.


Just like the Documentaries.The sky is the limit for the range of topics for future conversation.

46.Video editing

If you feel creative and want more than simple photos, there is always Youtube. Here,the sky is the limit as well.

What do I mean by this?

Whether you like to play video games, you are an expert or at least very informed on a certain subject, the internet is STILL full of opportunities for those of us with a little bit of chaos (or life,as we see it ) in our souls ,and can be cheap as well. If you do not believe me,I recommend Stephen Graham’s youtube channel,which is an inspiration for me and this website as well and who is making now (December 2019) more than 4000 $ DAILY for the videos that he has posted,and he shows no signs of slowing down.

47. Flip some things that you own

Why not look at the marketplace on Facebook , or Ebay or deals on Amazon on your free time,buy what you consider (or already know ) that you can sell for more and simply have a blast while doing it.I could show you a lot of people who are conducting their life solely by this and do not need more than a computer,some space and patience.

48 .Learn Magic tricks

Youtube is a great and free resource, there are forums and other online communities if you consider it to be something that you could be interested in ,and it is a great social HACK ,no matter whether your audience is formed by kids or adults, we can all be deceived and enjoy it in the same time.

49.Keep abreast of current news

This is almost always overlooked, yet I am sure that anyone could start a conversation with a stranger just by having a updated mind.

50. Become an online voice

Either by blogging or by something entirely different, like becoming a Wikipedia editor, being informed will always lead to great conversations and future friendships.

51. Online Poker/Other multiplayer games

Why not test your skills online ,with players from all over the world?

Let me know what you think down below, I read EVERY comment and do my best to answer to all of them .

Don’t forget to bookmark this website if you have found value in what I wrote,and if you want me to keep on adding more ideas to your life !

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!
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