The ultimate list of cheap hobbies : Outside/Outdoors


If you like to relax ,to unwind and to enjoy nature without without big and tiring psychical movements, you should try fishing .

I suggest:

The Total Fishing Manual: 317 Essential Fishing Skills (Field and Stream) Kindle Edition


If you feel a little more adventurous, why not prepare your sandwiches,take your S.O and enjoy a new location, on your terms. So, what’s something nice to see close by that you always wanted to see ,yet you always postponed?

This is my suggestion:Start with this and you will be forever grateful!

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds

3. Urban exploring

I have touched briefly this on another article, and if you feel you want to see even more ideas to enjoy your free time, check this article about psychical hobbies.

4. Gardning

I always believed that we should all start to eat healthier, but if you have just a little bit of soil,why not start a few plants or flowers? The feeling of fulfilment that you get when you get back from work and you see those flowers that have blossomed is otherworldly. And you can always see more into it- I recommend the last movie of Peter Seller- Being There ,for a lazy evening .You will be pleasantly surprised by this movie, and I am sure that you will approach gardening differently.

5. Guerrilla gardening:  

Think gardening can’t be an extreme sport? It can’t get your heart pumping? You’re probably right – but guerrilla gardening is still pretty cool. The idea is to plant vegetables in public spaces in your community so that people can see how easy and fun it is to become less reliant on the supermarket.

6. Urban fruit picking: 

Talking about guerrilla gardening…. Find fruit in your community that is going to waste – but make sure you don’t steal anyone’s produce! The idea is to find fruit trees in public spaces that aren’t maintained.Google to find out more about this.

7. Find free food in the country side

 Learn what to look for, how to find mushrooms that are good to eat and source all sorts of berries you can turn into beer. This is a good place to start. The top ten foods to forage are here.

8. Caving

You need to know what you’re doing here to stay safe. Team up with someone who’s done it before. Be prepared to find an amazing world you’d never know was there. Not for the claustrophobic

What do you think about my list?

Do you wish to tell me about a new one that I forgot to mention?

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Thinking about what you entered……..
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