The ULTIMATE LIST of SOCIAL Hobbies for financial minimalists a.k.a budget-conscience people, anywhere!

Cheap social hobbies for financial minimalists!

Like any person that has been to college, I know what does it mean to be on a budget,yet I strongly believe that you can still enjoy life without breaking the bank.

That is why I compiled this list of SOCIAL hobbies that you can test if you want to feel great and have a great time!

Without further ado, here is my 2020 list:

  1. Latin dancing

Dancing is natural,is extremely fun and it involves interaction with the opposite sex,therefore what is not to like?! 😀

I mention LATIN dancing because it has taken the world by storm,and now I can,for example,go to a different country and have a conversation,with spikes (accents) and sentences…without saying a single word!

Latin dancing has started to become international through SALSA ,and now in clubs you always have a mix of SALSA , BACHATA AND KIZOMBA. I will write a more extensive article for each on this website, and you can find more about them by clicking on the links in the article:



You might not know why I mentioned them as different hobbies,but each dance is somehow different ,has it’s unique taste,yet you can take patterns from one and put it in a different style and discover a new world!

West coast Swing dancing has it’s roots in Lindy Hop, and now it’s getting bigger and bigger each year!It is called “The dance of the dancers” and you can dance it to all the types of music -R&B,commercial ,Pop,….even latin music!

Here is a demonstration of the dance,with the same song,yet so amazingly IMPROVISED by Ben Morris

3.Play with (your) kids

Life goes on and you always say that you will do it when you ….

But it is important to have quality time with them,and if a TITAN in her field found out how important it is,maybe you should too!

Watch this video and you will understand why I said that!

4.Deep dive in conversation with a (new ) person!

By this I mean to hold an actual conversation,one that involves more than greetings and commonalities, and you will surprised to have a visceral understanding of the fact that you do not really know a person not even 50 years of marriage,not to mention a random colleague.

5. Listen to your favourite songs,on speakers!

6. Sex – Always enjoyable, and what brought you to this very moment.

7.Go (or even host ) a QUIZ NIGHT

This might be a lot of fun especially if you already have a good group of friends,so you can use board games like CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY which is a great seller on amazon,just like this Harry Potter inspired QUIZ game.

*Affiliate link- You will not pay more, but you can support me if you buy it from that website!


Continuing to the idea of a group of friends, you can meet up regularly(let’s say once a month) and the cooking is shared.It is a great way to catch up, and it is a lot cheaper than than a restaurant.


Whether you were a college superstar or not, exercise and social activities work best together,what is why a lot of guys give up to their New Year Resolution or their running hobby after ,because you want to be accountable in front of somebody , and see your progres,’cuz you will receive feedback,don’t worry!

IDEAS– Soccer, volleyball in the summertime at the beach nearby, handball ,football, and so on.

10. Hosting board game nights: Rather than go out to watch a movie for $20, invite your friends back to your house, grab some home brew and play Monopoly or Risk. (An affiliate link – you won’t pay more, but will support my blog.)

To be more specific,THIS game has been killing it lately in my group of friends because Christmas is just around the corner !

And another game that all of my friends have been loving ,it is about how well you know America and you can find out more about here !

11.  Sign up to Freecycle: 

Another great online community based around swapping things in your local area.

Here are a few hobby suggestions that involve online activities:


I have offered a lot more info about this in another article about hobbies, so feel free to use the links on this website to find different lists for different kinds of hobbies that I have prepared for you.

Anyway,this will give you a lot of access to a new world ,with the great character of being international,a great creative outlet and a very good source of income if you excel in it.


You might think that these are really social,yet they will give you quite a lot of subjects to talk about with your friends.


Just like the Documentaries.The sky is the limit for the range of topics for future conversation.

15.Video editing

If you feel creative and want more than simple photos, there is always Youtube. Here,the sky is the limit as well.

What do I mean by this?

Whether you like to play video games, you are an expert or at least very informed on a certain subject, the internet is STILL full of opportunities for those of us with a little bit of chaos (or life,as we see it ) in our souls ,and can be cheap as well. If you do not believe me,I recommend Stephen Graham’s youtube channel,which is an inspiration for me and this website as well and who is making now (December 2019) more than 4000 $ DAILY for the videos that he has posted,and he shows no signs of slowing down.

16. Flip some things that you own

Why not look at the marketplace on Facebook , or Ebay or deals on Amazon on your free time,buy what you consider (or already know ) that you can sell for more and simply have a blast while doing it.I could show you a lot of people who are conducting their life solely by this and do not need more than a computer,some space and patience.

17.Learn Magic tricks

Youtube is a great and free resource, there are forums and other online communities if you consider it to be something that you could be interested in ,and it is a great social HACK ,no matter whether your audience is formed by kids or adults, we can all be deceived and enjoy it in the same time.

18.Keep abreast of current news

This is almost always overlooked, yet I am sure that anyone could start a conversation with a stranger just by having a updated mind.

19. Become an online voice

Either by blogging or by something entirely different, like becoming a Wikipedia editor, being informed will always lead to great conversations and future friendships.

20. Online Poker/Other multiplayer games

Why not test your skills online ,with players from all over the world?

So there you have it ,20 activities ( or hobbies ) that you can implement immediately and have a blast!

Let me know what you think down below, I read EVERY comment and do my best to answer to all of them .

Don’t forget to bookmark this website if you have found value in what I wrote,and if you want me to keep on adding more ideas to your life !

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